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sisters This organization was created by a family who has first hand experience with the impact of Mitochondrial Disease. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to help spread awareness about Mitochondrial Disease, and to support those families who have been burdened by medical hardship.  At least two-thirds of every donation will go toward medical and medical-related travel costs not covered by insurance.  One-third will go toward research for Mitochondrial Disease.Financial impact on families dealing with progressive and likely terminal diseases, such as Mitochondrial Disease, is enormous.  The special care required to keep these kids thriving is extremely expensive – often exceeding insurance limits.  Trips across the country, special supplements, therapies, equipment and nutrition are often not covered by insurance.  Furthermore, families with children that are affected by Mitochondrial Disease seldom have two incomes, as one parent is typically needed to administer care at a very high and frequent level.   By spreading the word about the disease and the families that are afflicted, we can provide hope and strength to those who need it most.


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